Inspiration: Vacation Intervention

meNJ2Inspiration may just happen sometimes.  Eureka!  In a flash—problem solved, serendipity achieved, even a few moments of synchronicity occurred.  It’s almost impossible to define precisely how one arrives within the domain of such ah-ha moments.  However, years worth of persistent writing taught me that my most inspired instances seldom arise when I feel burned-out.

Great focus and motivation is needed to write well and to be creative consistently. The irony is that I am most inspired when I allow myself to relax and take a break. The best analogy I can use to explain my current thinking is when one tries desperately to recall a fact, yet the long-term memory just doesn’t want to retrieve the needed information.  Racking your brain, frustration inhibits like a roadblock and you figure you forgot whatever it was you were trying to remember in the first place. I find writer’s block to be a similar state of unresolved creative projection—and that very emotional feeling of ineptitude I need to cope with proactively.  As can be the case with memory, when one stops trying to recall, in a least expected time; that lost idea may seem to pop into conscious awareness (or in a dream) effortlessly. My experience with writing while exhausted is similar.

With that being said, I am going on a mini-vacation till Wenesday.  Need to clear my mind and relax.  Thus begins my vacation intervention.
Next post will be on July 1st. I’ll return to blogging with a fresh set of eyes, along with a cool announcement.  Thanks.

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