Past Being Enthralled

Lightly brushed eyelash touch
Reeds in sway that warm summer day
So humid, held cheek to cheek
Smells of lilac, sweat in beads
Stirrings of an occasional breeze
Flooding rush
Under a canopy of trees
Upon an amber-plaid comforter we lay

Talking about life
What our futures would bring
The two of us laughing
Recalling old dreams

Butterflies fluttering tension locked
Both of us nervous
Thought I’d never regain my breath
As if in anticipation of death

Without need to distrust my feeling
Many years ago so fleeting
Neither of us could ever guess
Not choosing to fall
Before we were friends

How could I have ever known
The need to end it all
Does little good now to bemoan
I am sworn to remain full strong
With my future unwritten
No longer appalled
Past being enthralled

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(Illustration by Keven Lupien)
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