A Dream About Frogs

Lately, I’ve been having strange dreams.  Unfortunately, I don’t always remember what I dream upon awakening.  However, last night I woke up with a painful leg cramp (I run many miles a day and don’t drink enough water.  Anyway, I digress…)  This morning I was able to recall the imagery and sensations of my dream in greater detail than usual.  It was a dream about frogs.

I stood in the dark, just within the threshold of a worn carpeted room. At this point I was aware that I was dreaming and did not wait very long. When the lights came on I scanned the four blank white walls and then looked down to see the floor illuminating many semi-slimy light green frogs.  Their eyes were bold white with a liquid sheen and black dots for pupils. In addition to yellowish ambient light of the room, each frog appeared brightened further by their own underneath spotlight of greenish-yellow. Being barefoot and startled I did not move; neither did they.  The frogs sat motionless except for their heaving breath.  There had to be about twenty-five of them and I was immediately struck by the fact that they were arranged in a staggered pattern and all facing to the right.  All the frogs were identical.  In fact, they were all breathing in time with my own heartbeat.  It was surreal to the point of seeming hyperrealistic.  All I could see of myself was my legs from both ankles down.


With cautious measured steps, holding my breath, I walked through the maze of frogs gingerly.  Moving to the right, coming up from behind them, I began to feel amazed that I did not startle any of them.  Thinking they could leap away at any moment, they proved my initial assumptions wrong. Careful not to step on any, I was scared that they might be poisonous.  At first, before I even took that first step, I feared nudging any of the frogs with even the slightest touch of my foot.  Perhaps some poison would rub off on me.  The thing is I know absolutely nothing about frogs.  I only flip channels quickly past animal planet late at night and haven’t seen a live frog since I was a kid. Nonetheless, the details in this dream and the feelings that the imagery prompted convinced me that this was no ordinary random electrical storm in my brain.

One Response to “A Dream About Frogs”

  1. so…I kind of have a passion for dreams…to study, explore, interpret, tend, and work with dreams…my own and others! This dream is amazing!! I actually work with dreams (even learned how to do dream work in grad school!) on a symbolicx level…interested in some of things this dream of yours is touching on? let me know!

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