Failed Honesty

Head spins around
Proud logical fool
We all end up old
Being vanity’s tool

Comfort in arms
Piece of mind
It’s not what is given
Nor asked for most times

Truth comes from lies
If you think better still
Experience answers
Vetting one’s will

Rambling on…
Through the course of my day
Wasting fond moments
Discard silly games

Complexly constricted
Lovelorn, conflicted
Only one life
Best just to live it

While we are not random
Powerless things
Moments will raze us
Down to our knees

What people don’t get
No matter how smart they be
We live to regret
Failed honesty

5 Responses to “Failed Honesty”

  1. Here are some nice comments I received about the blog via Twitter!

    @thelastressort: Really enjoying the poetry & stories here: By @dustus If you haven’t already checked out

    @marilyncarino: Nice work Adam. Cheers! Marilyn

    Thank you both! 🙂

  2. The following is a response poem by @sharonchong ( via Twitter.
    It was originally written in 4 parts within 160 character segments.

    Response to “Failed Honesty”

    who do we ever lie to, except ourselves?
    if we only realize cover are but mirrors
    to the ones who wear them

    i kneel myself to tears
    shamed by my own contempt
    wonder if i ever will need the mirror no more

    what will it take then, for my heart
    to see now 
another person; another soul
    not a troll; nor an audience

    what life awaits me, on the other side of this mountain…?

Thank you so much, Sharon. You’ve responded to my literal “failure to be honest” in unique microblog-stanzas of soul-searching impact.

  3. Here’s a cool comment via Twitter:

    Great writing on your site! I will stop in again to indulge. Keep writing.Stop in to my poetry blog: if you can.
    Patricia, I have visited your blog and really like “With the Breath of Morning”
    Thanks for your encouragement. Write on!

  4. “only one life
    best just to live it.”

    i agree with this one. and live it with happiness and peace 🙂

  5. I couldn’t agree more 🙂 “Best to just live it” Thanks, Trisha 🙂

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