Rainy Day Jersey

Sit in the empty coffee shopJerseyWelcome
No longer know a soul
Thomas Wolfe is right I guess
This author can’t go home

Cloudburst angled upon the pane
Highway 9 drenched in rain
So true it may now seem cliché
Springsteen and his “Glory Days”

Tank on empty, broke of money
Await my chance with haste and fury
At least this writing prompts relief
But I’ve returned to lack of sleep

Feel Born to Run, still want to scream
Hiding from the inner me
While I am in The Garden State
Can’t tell my future lies in wait

3 Responses to “Rainy Day Jersey”

  1. Simply fantastic-you stirred memories of my not so long gone past. beautiful.

  2. […] Rainy Day Jersey    ( < ——- check out the original poem by Adam Dustus here! ) […]

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