Love We Don’t Choose

My heart beats mad
Thinking of you
And what could have been
Love we don’t choose

Could she be
The one for me?
Being burned before
I live tentatively
This time of my life
Feels incomplete
Sweet cheery blush
Her spirit relief

Need someone to care
To live free on dare
My poetry beyond real
Can’t deny what I feel

Wanting so bad
Certain someone to like
Waited with patience
Wasting my life 

I’m much older now
Self-conscious of age
Regrets are my burden
Beauty’s not grace

Can’t deny being lonely 
My self enslaved
Past choices pathetically
Lost in a maze

What will I do?
Writer’s curse
Long for life
Yearn in verse

Yet doubt is natural
Trust tore me anew
Nobody knows
What I’m going through

Still hope in my dreams
Truth trumps bitter times
Been searching for love
Perhaps losing my mind

4 Responses to “Love We Don’t Choose”

    • Thanks. Been going through a lot in the past couple days. At least my poetry seems to be working out. Thanks for commenting. I really appreciate it 🙂

  1. poeticmocha Says:

    I think the message that you’re trying to convey in your poem is-striving to find that “perfect” person-that unfortunately does not exist. The search to find love is indeed a difficult journey because each individual is different and has their own qualities along with what they are looking to find in another person. Therefore, finding that one person who is perfect is extremely hard because nobody is the same and sometimes one has to realize that things are not perfect. I mean what is perfect? What is the definition of perfect? What is true love? I think to each their own-based on one’s opinions, beliefs, values, interests and ideas-the definition of that “perfect” person who they need to find is created. The problem that arises is when-this “perfect” person is hard to find and may not exist. I am by no means trying to crush or judge your poetry-I am just sharing my thoughts and I guess playing the devil’s advocate here. Thus, perhaps love is when-you see an imperfect person perfectly-something that is absolutely brand new is not perfect-its has tiny defeats such as a brand new sports car-it is new in the sense that nobody has used it before BUT it does have very small scratches regardless. I am not suggesting that one should have to settle for second best as everyone deserves to be happy in a relationship and to find what they are looking for. However, maybe sometimes society has expectations or judgments that are too high and unrealistic? If a person tries their best in life and is a good person, has intelligence, is honest but may have been through a bad experience or may have made a mistake does this make them imperfect? Great poem-I really liked the rhyming scheme and the flow-very strong and natural. Love-you shouldn’t doubt nor not take the chance with a person because they are imperfect-who knows-maybe something that a person is lacking in-they will be there for you and make you happy with something else/in another way-everyone has both good and bad things-nobody is perfect.

    • It’s fine to play “devil’s advocate.” No worries. I believe everything you say about perfection. However, this piece is really about my own imperfection and “emotional paralysis.” Perhaps it’s too personal and inaccessible. I’ll work on that. Your criticism is always welcome 🙂 Adam

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