Photo I took @ the Ionia County Fair (Adam Dustus 2008).



Slow passed the time
Sun in descent
Left in its wake
Horizon light drenched and
Watercolors slaked

Cool evening breeze
Perhaps the scene
Perceived heavenly
Above a verdant fair
Away from all the guests
A simple man
Alone with his thought
Like he’s saying a prayer
Maybe he is brokenhearted
Could be she left him there

There’s a good chance
He contemplates the cars
A failing industry
In a state suffering
Or maybe he thinks of nothing
Drawing a blank as he waits
Unassuming of anyone’s fate
Content to sit and enjoy the space
Quietly awaiting
Some change to take place

2 Responses to “Michigander”

  1. I enjoyed reading this poem, maybe it’s because I’m from Michigan, too.

    • I really enjoy living in MI—suits the pace of my life. I’m in Jersey at the moment. Two different worlds; same country! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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