About Bullying

Attitudes promoting friends and teamwork
Some say schools have hardly changed
Though many institutions exist with metal detectors
Kids still hide what they need to feel safe

Anti-bullying legislation
A slow-to-warm mediation

Abandoned security
Abuses taken way too far
Many bright creative kids
Educated baring emotional scars

Bitter and angry
Where’s our common humanity?

Don’t reply to cyberstalking
Nasty threats, text-message mocking
Advocate your own peace
If schools do nothing
Talk to the police

hit, kicked, spit-on, beaten
No person deserves despicable treatment

Silence promotes helplessness
What passes parental eyes unseen
Nearly a third of our children
Want desperately to regain their dignity

Build together involved school communities
Teaching the virtues of genuine unity
But for any notion of change to become actuality
We must acknowledge our social realities

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