The Golden Ruler

Once upon a time
In a world begun by cliché
The Sisters of St. Mary’s
Taught me precisely how to be afraid

Sitting in class or when enjoying the playground
Were instructed to pause, say a prayer each time
Police, ambulance, and fire sirens sound

Expecting the worst in tense moments
It was all never good enough
Minor infractions deserved severest punishment
The Golden Ruler administered
Perhaps possessed of deserving lashes
Fury spewed from an old virgin bride
Supposedly promoted by Jesus Christ,
Who was saving us
Wimple worn and full of scorn
Such a humiliating experience inside
Classroom prison, not the mission
Bruised into submission
Especially when spanked on end
Ruler’s medieval metallic gleaming edge
Could cut curiously natural imperfect children
Beaten into confession that one is a bad kid
“To toughen you up”
Made us feel guilty
Not wanting to be us
Feeling filthy

Those nuns of course
Lived by holy orders
I also have no stomach for
Secular parents abusing their sons and daughters

4 Responses to “The Golden Ruler”

  1. severnyproductions Says:

    You speak truth there. I like the way you wrote this one. You used rhyme very carefully and it worked

  2. Appreciate your return to the blog. Glad you you liked The Golden Ruler. Originally, it was a short story that I wrote a long time ago when I began college. I have since lost that short story. Let that be a lesson to everyone to always back up your work! Anyway, this poem was one that I wanted to write for a long time but didn’t think my skill mature enough to handle it. Thanks for your comment.

  3. This is a very touching piece. It’s very sad that so many children have been wounded this way, in the name of Christ. It seems that a lot of them never get the chance to really know the truth of Him and what it’s really about. Thank you for sharing this.

    • I take your comment to heart. I consider myself a very spiritual person. What that statement actually means I am still trying to discover. Like attracts like, I do believe that’s true and find it makes life interesting. As much of my writing attests, there are moments when I feel fulfilled, but that doesn’t last. There are ups and downs in my life that seem to chase each other ’round a circle. However, when it comes to educating kids, I believe that fear is a very bad motivator. So many bright nice kids will turn on tormenting authority figures.

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