Writing on The Wall

Hostility breeds contempt
Something else did I expect?
For one, not being exempt
Or I told-you-so
Avoid the respect
Sadly everything goes

Wobbling unevenly
Questioning my career lately
At first expecting A-ratings inevitably
Conceitedly, believe you me
Been a long road down
Now unafraid to webcast
Finally-tuned poetic sound
Fired off in creative rounds
Typing words
Spins me around
Honoring grace
Composed as a smile
Healed by your approving face
Make you shake your head
Quixotic proved unrest
Taken down a notch in jest
Determined to resurrect my dreams
Who knew I almost left them for dead?

Many a sleepless night
Then working all day long
Forgetting the time
Having earned my voice
Nearly full strong
Conquering fear
Regaining my spine
Vision clear
Finally unafraid of
Contents in mind
Forgetting the past
Future on line
This moment begun
Inspired heart
I’m in my zone
Not writing on the wall
“To be left alone”

Ever Wonder When Your Life Is Going To Begin?
Sorry for short story delay / need another day…
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8 Responses to “Writing on The Wall”

  1. poetiqpryncess Says:

    Very good poem, loved these lines “Determined to resurrect my dreams
    Who knew I almost left them for dead?”

    • Glad you like my poem πŸ™‚ I’ve been experimenting of late, so feedback is crucial. Thank you πŸ™‚

  2. severnyproductions Says:

    I like the way the poem is written. It flows, the message is clear

  3. LifeTheWayItIs Says:

    Determined to resurrect my dreams
    Who knew I almost left them for dead?

    Your poem really touched me. I did leave my dreams for dead, lost hope, lost my footing. I am only now taking baby steps, with a few surges, some side stepping, and many pauses. It’s a daily struggle to stay on the path. Never give up your dreams

    Ever Wonder When Your Life Is Going to Begin……

    I read your

    • “It’s a daily struggle to stay on the path.” I can relate to that. I think blogging has helped me to continue my journey. It’s made me realize that I live for such creative freedom.

      Keep taking those baby steps, surges, and side-stepping. Stay true to what you do and those steps accumulate with time. The irony is you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t take those steps sooner. Ah hindsight! In the words of the late comedian Bill Hicks, “If you are living for tomorrow, you will always be one day behind.”

  4. LifeTheWayItIs Says:

    Ever Wonder When Your Life Is Going to Begin?

    I had to comment on this too. I would always say these same words to myself. “When my real life begins”. As if what I were doing at the time was not real. In that thinking would be the thought, “When I really am an adult, or when I really grow up”. This continued into my forties. Suddenly, I looked around at my home, my kids, my stuff, my friends, my work. Yes indeed. I realized that , THIS IS MY REAL LIFE. It was a sad realization, this was the real deal. It wasn’t a bad real deal. It just was. I stopped wondering…this was, this is my life. Live it. I plan to read your book. Thank you for being my muse for the day…Max

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