Authors Who Dared to Think & Write Boldly

Of all the books written
At which tradition
Judgmentally scoffed
Transformed future visions
From the artists they taught!

I stand by Ulysses
Swann’s Way
John Milton’s Areopagitica
The humor of Mark Twain

There is quite a long list
(even Hemingway & T.S., Virginia Woolf…)
I encourage everyone to visit
John Kremer’s link for the Self-Publishing Hall of Fame
This creative and socially conscious legacy
Truly blew me away!

I feel most honored to state proudly
My literary heroes have paved the way!
Authors who dared to think & write boldly
They did not accept standard commercial change

John Kremer’s link to Self-Publishing Hall Of Fame:

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2 Responses to “Authors Who Dared to Think & Write Boldly”

  1. Sarah Joyce Bryant Says:

    Thank God someone was brave enough to pave the way for us! Where would we be without them – unaware of all the possibilities.

    • @ thenightwriter… oh wait a sec…this isn’t Twitter! Thanks Sarah. If you’re a tweeter look for “thenightwriter” 🙂

      BTW…well said. I owe a great deal to most of the authors on Kremer’s list.

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