Determination by Adam Dustus

I learned early in life
Martial arts training
Body and Mind
One spirit expressingkaratepic

Energy inside us
Outlets conscious awareness
Of self in space
Time displaced
Being in motion
Channeling your blood flow
Surging strong, ocean waves unfurl
Engendering a determination
To live and love to the fullest
Rising beyond
Inevitable periods of losing

Karate is more than punches and kicks
Was the biggest part of me as a kid
Like a person is more than moments afraid
We fight for our lives to discover each day
And in so many trivial ways
As well as what is felt most deep
Needs of comfort and belief
Wanting to be free to help others in sickness
Because we can make ourselves better people
That underlying layer to church and steeple

Early in my youth
Before I was ten
I was able to understand
A few things not taught in school
Foremost determination
In my case it’s an imagination
A motivating fuel
Which I sense in times
When I feel fortunate to awaken
Desire spurs me to create then
I was a creative kid who slipped through the cracks
Well, now I’m an author who wants to give back
That’s what I’m determined to do!

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