Thank You, Readers! (Happy Moms’ Day)

It has been a whirlwind of a month thus far.  May touched down like a twister and changed my life. Wow, I am sincerely grateful that my novel has finally reached the light of day. I never expected the initial warm reception High School Asylum is getting from its first blog pic

I’ve been busier than ever. I definitely love what I do. My art gets me up in the morning bright and early. Luckily, being a coffee-drinking pre-dawn person suits my schedule. Anyway, I wish to take this opportunity to reciprocate the kindness of my first readers….

THANK YOU to everyone who sent me encouraging emails and notes expressing congratulations. Thus far the response to H.S. Asylum has been overwhelmingly positive from readers of all ages. I appreciate all the kind comments, as well as the sharing of emotional responses to various parts of the book. Such nice words prove motivating. Thanks again for the votes of confidence.

Speaking of motivation….
Second, thanks to all the visitors who frequent The Dustus Blog. In the coming months I plan to post short stories and new excerpts from my 2nd novel (Sounds from a House). Add to that plan some new visual art.  Currently, I am finishing the sequel to High School Asylum.  At this point, I will not reveal the title or any of the plot structure to Asylum’s Sequel. While I’m bad at keeping secrets about my work, I am resolved to maintain this one. Spoiler alert unnecessary.

Get your copy of High School Asylum today!
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2 Responses to “Thank You, Readers! (Happy Moms’ Day)”

  1. Congratulations on the book!

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