“Kids Teach You” a poem by Adam Dustus

In honor of National Poetry Month…

I would like to present a poem that I wrote back when I was a middle school language arts teacher to 6th-, 7th-, & 8th-graders.  This poem is written for teachers, though it was inspired by all the unique individuals I am proud to say were my students.  They made me feel like I was important in their lives.  For that experience I will forever be grateful.  🙂 [excerpt pg. 11-12, In & Out of Line.]

The photo is of my old classroom–first year of teaching, 2001. Half the room is cut off on the right.  There was always another class going on beyond the partition.

Kids Teach Youmyoldclassroom

Kids teach you
How dumb things can seem!
They don’t believe
Life is a dream
Most are simple
Living free
Automatically they be

Kids teach you
Authority strings
Abound madness
Personality springs
As if full blessed
Tied to trees
Hide and seek
Daydreams, wondering
To be

Teaching of goodness unwittingly
They remind unmoved adults
Be unafraid to sing
Through crackling voice
Awkward, self-conscious spotlight
Considering heart alights
Flipped on your head
All moments not alike
Wonder brings
Mentoring delight, mental flexibility
Kids teach you
Observable insight
Of the world in which
They question reality

2 Responses to ““Kids Teach You” a poem by Adam Dustus”

  1. “Teaching of goodness unwittingly”

    So true.

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