“It Began About Love” (excerpt from Adam Dustus’ upcoming poetry book)

The following poem is taken from pg. 6 of the “Free Form” section of In & Out of Line (Dustus 2009).  This collection will be released in a matter of days. Here’s to Poetry Month!

It Began About Loveinoutoflinecover_blog

Sometimes I think
I’m learning to feel
A universe inside me
One person who’s real

I have a belief
In that I can dream
Of what I can be
From all I have seen

I was relaxed
As much as could be
Fighting through fierce

I do know my own
Life I say well
Inhibiting delusions
Convictions of hell

It all came around
Circle of time
Blooming new attitude
After losing my mind

6 Responses to ““It Began About Love” (excerpt from Adam Dustus’ upcoming poetry book)”

  1. I think many of us have had these feelings that you pen. Congrats on your new book. Who is it published with?

  2. Thank you kindly. Glad you enjoyed the poem, Rose. My book is published by Infinity. Best Wishes, Adam

  3. I really like this! I’ve just glanced through your blog but it looks interesting, I like your writing. Congratulations on your book being published.

    • Thanks you so much for the nice comment! Finally, after months of preparation, both my books should be available Saturday. I can’t wait. Thanks again, Adam:)

  4. fantastic. a gain from a loss.

  5. Failure always presents an opportunity for improvement

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