You Ever Have One of Those Days?

Part I:

Woke up at 4:30 am and wanted to type in some final corrections to my second novel (deadline’s approaching). This was the only time I could get to that this week.  “Shit!” (only one person in the 24hr. coffee shop heard me swear). The other two were totally absorbed in their laptop screens, connected by earbuds to iPods.  Anyway, I forgot my flash drive.  So I revised 10 pages by hand and had to go back home.  At any rate, my coffee tasted great so I was still motivated.
Part II:

Once I returned from the coffee shop, I worked on a project in Adobe Illustrator.  After more than 3 hours… F@#!
My expletive disrupted nobody this time!  Illustrator crashed—lost all my work.

Part III:

I’m currently taking a course in computer graphics and digital illustration.  I had to miss the previous  class session due to a bad case of the flu.
Bam! Walked right into a quiz—wasn’t ready for it.  Ouch.

Part IV:

About an hour ago, before pulling my hair out and calling it a day,  my flash drive (memory stick) fell out of my pocket and into the toilet.  I even peed on it for a second to add insult to irony.  Flash drive died.

The Bright Side:

With the exception of 2 projects I’ve been working on in Illustrator and Flash, I backed up all my work.  So take that flash drive!  Thank goodness I save my files.


No matter if it’s a huge video file or even a small word .doc —Always Save Your Work!

Tomorrow is another day! ☺

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