Bombarded by Pixels

It is true that I feel blessed being able to live my dream as an online artist–at least that’s the possible self-delusion regarding my own gigantic ego and over-estimation of the quality of my writing. Nonetheless, time will tell in this new digital communicative world of instant feedback.  The jury of my peers still deliberate.  Meanwhile, I’ve taken the seismic leap into this sea with both feet.

In these technological waters I choose to wade because I enjoy sharing my work.

Though at times I experience moments when I feel “bombarded by pixels,” I relish the complete freedom and enjoyment of publishing my own art!

Bombarded by Pixels

Is it so unusual?
This world of computer visuals
Upon which we’ve come to rely
Pixels, vectors, social media, life

Checking my email a thousand times
During the course of a day
Feeling bombarded by pixels
Learning creatively
While communicating every day

2 Responses to “Bombarded by Pixels”

  1. interesting that this one works just as well by reading it backwards. actually prefer it that way since the final line becomes ‘is it so unusual?’. just something.

    • Ha ha. I’m glad you saw this poem. The influence of your class still fresh in mind then!
      Graphic design is such a huge influence on my literary art. It’s improved my visualization/conceptualization, and for that I thank you for contributing to my learning.
      As for the poem, my style is also influenced by the art of nonlinear video editing.
      Anyhow, hope life’s going well. You’re a great Photoshop instructor! Thanks for helping me, Chad

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