Nothing in Life is…More Priceless than Human Emotion

Beyond the everyday
Losing heart
Uninspired at each start
Though depression doesn’t have to remain
Fallen prey to others’ games
Recognize people!
We are not all the same
Beauty lies when we view it estranged

Do not devalue your sensibilities
Personal dreams
Banish any notion of futility
Human being
Care to re-invent
Begin anew with sympathetic intent

One parting thought:
Your spirit is also like water
More so than all the oceans’ flow
Within each person
Get the notion
Nothing in life is…
More priceless than our human emotion

4 Responses to “Nothing in Life is…More Priceless than Human Emotion”

  1. Hi, I really like this this your own? May i have your permission to save a copy for myself? This is a rare find!…
    Keep writing more!

    • Thank you so much:) Glad you like the poem. There are plenty on the blog and I’ve got a book coming out that I think you might enjoy. Please, by all means, share my work with your friends. Appreciate your comment, Jessie

  2. Great rhythm and flow. Love the closing lines.

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