Nothing Beats The First Light Of Morning (w/cool photo)

What gets me up in the morning is way more than an internal clock and biological mechanisms. I look forward to each day and all the possibilities in store for me that are yet unseen.

I’ve always been a morning person who likes to greet the sunrise each day, garnering strength from some quiet time alone with coffee and a sketch pad.  Mornings are more noticeable to me, perhaps I’m just more in tune with the environment then, making nature and little things stand out like birds gliding against the warming blue sky and green-golden grass.  I look around me and appreciate the life, and my life as well.

What do I think about in the morning? Besides people, this continual moment of being that we lose sight of when considering time–yeah, that’s one that baffles me.  I’ll get lost in my own thought comfortably, but I don’t really know anything.  Just content to be at peace with my self.  I’ll sigh and catch me doing that, but its really a sigh of harmony.  Then I’ll focus on what comes into view, eventually forgetting to remain self-conscious.  Such a great feeling! When fresh air hits my nostrils on a warm spring morn, there’s no better spirit to grasp than sensing your good health for one moment in time.  Yeah, that’s when I like to draw with a smile on my face.  No pressure.  No worries.  I write at night.  I’m less visual then.  Still, nothing beats the first light of morning.  That’s when I really love to take pictures.


Here’s a photo I took one morning, sort of off the beaten path on the Michigan State University campus.  The wild flowers look caught in the beginning of a conflagration.  The sun concentrates its strongest beam on the train tracks.

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