Lesson Learned

I think one thing that bothers me about other people, and about me, is dramatic moodiness.  I’m guilty as charged!  This personality trait is something I’d like to trade in for a newer conceptual model that actually works.  While I want my creativity to be free, it becomes a struggle for me to break bad moods. Often I think I do some of my best writing when I’m a bit cranky, though that’s not always the case, it just seems that way more often than good.  dustusblog3-30-09

Perhaps it’s all the revision I do when I’d rather be writing something new.  I’m not sure what it is, but I do know that I’m wrong about judging others simply becasue I don’t like something about myself.  I’m making a conscious effort these days to be “happily moody” and less abrasive when working too much.  I need to cut others some slack.  Lesson learned.  Not everyone is going to get how, what, and why I even write. It bothers me more so when I push friends away because I’m so obsessed with what I’m working on.  In that case, writing becomes what happens when you neglect what’s most important, your friendships and best personal relationships.

2 Responses to “Lesson Learned”

  1. Mistangel Says:

    I am not a writer..but I can identify with the “dramatic moodiness” personality trait!!
    I am known as a “bubbly ,social butterfly”, but I have moments when I am quite the opposite and welcome isolation from the outside world. I will actually get pissed off sometimes when the phone rings..soooo I don’t answer it and friends get upset because I am “ignoring” them.

    I think that when people are in a creative mode, outside interruptions can interfere with the creative flow.

    I have often wondered if it is normal to have two different personalities. How can one be “happy” all of the time?
    I have enjoyed reading your work..great job!!!

    • I enjoyed your response and appreciate your honesty. Thanks for reading and relating to to my post. Here’s to a great, happy, day without stress! 🙂

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