Thoughts of Spring & Summer

It is a pleasant cool night.  I had forgotten what bird-chirps sound like.  A sense of comfort soothes me.  My rambling mind seems to have downshifted.  I guess the winter chill wants to vanish, though I know it won’t leave Michigan for a while yet.  Fresh breezes flutter the Venetian blinds in sporadic tame rattling.  I am in the moment and happy to reflect on my life.

Breathing easier, I resolve to spend more quality time outside when the weather is nice.  Even the keyboard is cool as I type at my leisure.  No pressure–just me feeling good.

In this moment I feel a reassurance that just as springtime thaws the earth, so to does the sunshine intensify my contentment. As a matter of fact, this is the first day I had opened my window in months.  Think I may have developed a bit of the dreaded “cabin fever.”  This winter was cold and dreary, and I’m glad it’s almost over.

I went for a walk this afternoon.  Almost forgot how much I enjoy strolling through the neighborhood.  It’s calm and quite here in Michigan, unlike the many palaces I’ve lived in New Jersey—left there at the age of 19.  I’ve also lived seven years in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Spring in Knoxville is absolutely glorious for nature lovers like myself.  I’ll never forget the smells of dogwood and fragrant blossoming, just as I could never forget the salty ocean smells of The Jersey Shore, which I believe also became part of me. However, Tennessee gets very sticky in summer and New Jersey turns humid.  Michigan, on the other hand, is my happy summer residence.  I love the summer climate here. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to doing some hiking in The Great Smoky Mountains sometime in May.  Can’t wait! Thought about it a lot on my walk.
Dustus in Tennessee

2 Responses to “Thoughts of Spring & Summer”

  1. Michigan in the summer is a favorite of mine, too. It’s a wonder what sunshine does to our psyche!

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