Spontaneous Fears & Cheers

Stress, Crazy Stress…
I’ll deal with you in my own way!dustus-close-up

Poetry is
A way!

The Best Advice
To be yourself
Aim for quality
More than Yourself

Simple lines
Sweetly held
Meter, Rhyme
Moment of time

Swept away
In love, I long, remain
Aside….I always seem to chide myself with questions about the littlest things. Where the hell did I put my keys? What happened to that ten dollars I had in my pocket. (Shit, I probably washed it). Where was I? Oh yes. It’s like I’m playing to an imaginary audience–self-inflated drama with each word chosen like OMG his life is a play to an imaginary audience. Well, I wasn’t exactly there yet. Cool it, Shakespeare. Who needs such realizations? He really didn’t just say that. Did he? He’s got no idea. That man done flipped his grizzle. He, he. Whatever that means. Life is no simple game, fa-shizzle. Really corny rap, crappy literary guile. I wonder if I spelled that right. A monkey in the middle of one-miss-is-ippi two miss-is-ippi…tag. I’m it! Smiling all the while, facing my own questions, knowing full well that what I feel is no game of chance. Writing about my unsurfacing fears, much of the time it comes off in prattling rants of spontaneous fears and cheers.

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