Writer Learning to Use Technology

Feeling broken apart inside and realizing that I have to become more patient, perhaps that’s the hardest part about being an artist.  Lately, I think I’ve lost focus a bit.  My negative attitude gets in the way of seeing all the opportunity almost staring me in the face. My career is taking off, yet I feel painfully unprepared for the technological explosion I experience.

The computer is quickly becoming the centerpiece of most households.  Newspapers are going bankrupt.  The Net and computer apps will take over our living rooms.  For many that is already the case.  I am in the middle of this transition myself.  I want to be considered a “literary web artist.”  Is their even such a career description?

In & Out of Line by Adam DustusI’ve learned it takes patience and humble wisdom to be open to the creative process in many forms of media. That’s precisely why I like chatting with other artists, especially the ones who embrace the digital age and consider the possibilities for unique concepts.

Today, I am able to start utilizing technology to help fuel my writing.  However, sometimes I miss the feel of writing poems in my old sketchbook.  Alas, have I been caught in the middle of the high-tech crossroads like road kill run over by a Mac truck?

The next generation of artists will all be extremely tech-savvy.  I’m already trying to keep up.

2 Responses to “Writer Learning to Use Technology”

  1. Diana G. Says:

    Have you participated in http://www.illustrationfriday.com (that might be illustrationfridays.com…). You can sign up for their e-mail topic to arrive every Friday. Artists of all sorts create something in response to the topic. You can see their work at the website. Perhaps you might enjoy responding to some of these topics with your current vision and let this free activity help grow your command of software. Just a thought… not that you don’t have plenty on your plate already! Hang in there! DG

    • HI Diana. Thanks for the info. I checked out http://www.illustrationfriday.com
      I’ll definitely try my hand at creating something for the the next topic. I liked the site very much, especially because it linked so many interesting blogs–lots of cool work!
      Enjoy the day!

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