Through Verse Once Saved (poem)

I feel very grateful that I can share my work in this, my own little corner of cyberspace.  Like the pictures below, this piece is a pretty candid representation of me–as well as a different approach to my poetry.

dustus's candid with cubs cap

Through Verse Once Saved

Feeling self-conscious /About my work /Speaking honestly /Rejection hurts

A prompting to say /Don’t care anymore /But I’m not that way /As if I could stop /Writing’s my world /Waiting to unfurl /Spring thaws this rock unearthed /Cold condensed to a dripping mirth

My words /Long ago offered a second chance /Choice to take /Torn away an inside fake /For which I am now able /Freeing a soul /No longer incapable /Banished personal hell: unknown / So long unstable /Goodbye to what’s already done

Mired in doubt /Drowned in memory wading /A way /Found invention /Atlantic Ocean called me home /I was alone /Echoing drone /A pen and pad my scepter and throne

Wasn’t till writing /Helped me out of a mind-made ditch /As if old waters cleansed /Making new friends /Washed away turbulent amends / Swept by change /Drawn like a tide waving away in refrain

To begin again

Through verse once saved

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