Obama’s Conviction

Barack Obama’s address last night to the joint session of Congress was an absolute gem of rhetoric that was convincing because President Obama (IMHO) is more prepared for the office of president President Barack Obamathan anyone could possibly be. News correspondents keep calling his agenda “ambitious.” Personally, I can’t help but believe that his platform is heartfelt. Time will tell, nonetheless I am optimistic for our future.

I am absolutely amazed with how proficiently Obama is taking action in Washington. I figure it’s because Obama’s conviction is real—just as his love for Constitutional Law, teaching, and helping the less fortunate remain admirable realities that bolster his words. This man cares deeply about America and its relations overseas, foremost being a proud parent who is involved in his daughters’ lives. All that makes me proud.

President Obama was correct last night when he proclaimed rather boldly that former administrations “have been putting short term materialism ahead of long term economic security.” Hence, the recessional nightmare in which innocent hardworking Americans now find themselves bound. As we sit and wait for Washington to mend its damaged lifeline to its citizenry, Obama’s conviction (the same inspiration that moved millions of Americans to vote for change) demands “that day of reckoning has arrived and the time to take charge of our future is here. Now is the time to act boldly and wisely to not only revive this economy but to build a new foundation for lasting prosperity.”

Indeed, now is the time!

2 Responses to “Obama’s Conviction”

  1. peter aba ajong Says:

    I hope building a new foundation is acting wisely on the going concern of the vision of the founders of the democratic america, USA.

    I like to see America top the rank of democracy and beg God in whom they trust to guide Obama and his success team not to deviate especially during the moments of actions and reactions.

    The vision for America is more than the visionaries.

    ABICCY for short

    Peter Aba Ajong
    237 77 74 48 49

  2. I disagree respectfully… “The Vision” of the founding fathers did not count ALL human beings, and therefore antiquated conclusions remain based on false premises. Realistically, the Founding Fathers (any women in that group?) were not perfect, nor is a broken America.

    However, I do agree that “the vision for America is more than the visionaries.” Our collective voice matters. On the bright side, perhaps the founders would be happy with the growing participation of Americans in both voting and protest. Whether I agree with you or not, I do believe in dissent and the right to express unpopular opinion.

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