I Only Want Peace—within myself and between other people and nations (an “innocent ramble”)

One of the things I’m going to try to do in my blogs, which is essentially the way I journal write anyway, is to just get everything out of my head. At times it seems like I’m screaming inside, but outpourings of words have saved me (literally and physically). “Outpouring” is a suitable description here; “coursing” may be more apt. Who fucking cares? Yet that’s precisely why I defend those who love words and chose them carefully, as well as those who let go. Personally, I care about words because they bring me closer to new thoughts and feelings. God Bless you all, human beings. Long live our thoughts. Ut-oh, wait a second…I’ll try not to sound like Jesus. I’m rather macho and want to be considered a “real man.” Honestly, I don’t know what that even means or who I am even want to be. Fair enough. We all have limitations. Ramble on, Dusty!dustus print

I think that I think—gibberish really—feel certain to agree
Or is it now?
Hmm… meaning is changed by emphasis and punctuation, yet perhaps it’s reasonable to assume inspiration to be external (something outside ourselves, or just a yearning inside). Holiness through perfect punctuation—there’s a novel idea (pun intended though unplanned like my birth, just kidding mom and dad☺) Where was I? Well, might as well get to the big issue…

Many believe in a God above us, sitting in judgment, “you’re all wrong” is what they’re told—from others and repeatedly through the medium of their own worship. So what? We are all guilty assholes when just to question is a sin fundamentally? Consider the message, one implication… Take it a step forward: sins are made of words and sentences, the very essence of our thoughts. Still we “know” through cognition and perception, as well as memory from mental, physical, tactile experience, etc….all part of the tapestry of our being, our selves. So you mean to tell me that just because we have thoughts, our being sentient as seems natural, that words themselves are to blame and that thinking is really un-human when we question our very existence and nature. Sadly, it’s because people have associated asking questions about reality with notions of blasphemy—in fact that truly is the “greatest” story ever told. No lie there. Yeah, when you look at it a certain way—as an allegorical fallacy of humanity. After all, I don’t know if fear is natural, but I recognize that I can feel afraid.

I only want peace—within myself and between other people and nations.

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