The Dustus ’09 Wish List


Happy Belated Holidays and Pre-New Years Greetings to all!

Since I wrote no letter to Santa Claus this year, I figured a blog entry about my New Year’s hopes and wishes would suffice. This entry will be what I consider a “legitimate” attempt to make up for my snubbing of Ole Saint Nick (“legit” in the sense that I harbor no umbrage toward him for not making it down my chimney for the 8th year in a row. I was devastated once again. I wanted that joke-telling Elmo so desperately. Oh well, I’ve changed my tune having learned that nearly all the elves had been laid-off and that Mrs. Claus was seen on MSNBC talking recession and trading gingerbread recipes with Rachel Maddow while Santa himself cited NAFTA as his inspiration for outsourcing all his toy orders to India). Anyway, I digress…

As if I had rubbed a magic lamp, I have only three wishes for the coming year. Here goes….

Adam Dustus’ New Year’s Wish List

1) I want George Bush out of here, bye-bye, don’t let the door hit you in the …!

2) I’d like President Obama to restore a sense of respectability and more than a media-induced illusion of fairness in Washington.

3) Lastly, let’s leave the good people of Iraq alone. They didn’t lie about not harboring WMD’s (Bush, Cheney, Rice, and Powell lied—end the war and start telling the American people what is really going on. Some of us appreciate honesty).

Well, that’s the short list. I figure we all have to start somewhere. After eight years of lying to the international community, as well as it’s own citizens, it is indeed time for a change. Here’s to a better 2009! All the best, Dustus.

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