About This Moment

Been thinking a great deal about where my words are headed; where I’m going to emerge, in whatever direction my life will take me.  Whew…its been quite a journey.  At this point, I feel like I’ve entered a new stage in my life, though it’s hard to pin down.  The feeling is one of wonder and anticipation for my upcoming publications, mixed with a sprinkle of thrill and newness in immersing myself into visual art.  It’s quite a happy struggle.  I’m understanding more about myself and my various inclinations, more so than in the past ten years.

phcraziness4oto by Adam Dustus

My imagination seems turbo-charged since I decided to study visual art.  Having been a student of literature since my youth, I never fully realized that I was artist.  I had always perceived myself rather as a lifelong learner, and dare I say someone perceived as a little weird for constantly writing.  Until the excellent people in my graphic and sketching courses respectfully convinced me otherwise, I did not believe fully that my words would impact others.  Thanks guys, I stand corrected.

Over the last nine months I have been living the life of a near destitute art student.  Learning about theories and relishing studio time, the consequence was a dramatic change in my writing.   While trying to expand my artistic self by branching out into other art forms, I’ve noticed a positive change in myself.  My attitude and overall outlook keep me going, and it has all inspired me to display my work.

This new stage of my life is yet to be determined.  I think that’s the part I relish most about this moment.

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