Who Knows? (poetry with photography portraits)

Here’s a poem I wrote to accompany some self portraits that I shot over the summer….

Who Knows?



Stop waiting, anticipating

Things to happen

Make up your mind

Initiate action!

Forget others’ notions

Personal satisfaction

Do what you can

Your potential

Does not lie

In stranger reactions

Rather it abides

Within boldness

Of Dreams

Visions, passion

Depth of soul

Know who you are

Willing to grow

Open the mind

A door you’ve been shownimg_8770

Hollows, entrances follow

Whereto go

Take baby steps slow

Live for experience

Life’s more than a show

Accept yourself

Revel in being

Content with unknowns

Searching for meaning



7 Responses to “Who Knows? (poetry with photography portraits)”

  1. sweet ! wise words but one can easily feel the depth of words not like the ones you write now 🙂 quite a long journey ,,

  2. Nimue, I am quite embarrassed by my early poetry. With the exception of a poem or two as time passed, they were all pretty terrible… The journey continues 🙂

  3. i like the message and the honesty adam – i think those first poems are something precious even if they are not perfect – like the first steps of a child..good to be on this journey

  4. The photographs are really cool. This is so much different from your current voice, adam, but it still retains that flavor of what you bring, which is an eye squinted sideways and a love of odd twists and turns of words. You’ve grown a lot, but this still carries a strong message in its own more formal more straightforward way. you should see some of my teeny-bopper years stuff! Yeesh!

  5. Interesting self-portraits – reflections off glass and camera lens.. but where are you?

    The introspective poem suits the subject very well.

  6. adam…firstly dont ever be embarrassed…the start is where we come from…i actually liked this and think you have done yourself an injustice…and thanks for joining in…cheers Pete

  7. Oh yes the journey continues…glad you didn’t stop(I am not dissing the poem above at all :))

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