Waiting for Change: 59 Days and Counting…

I sense a great deal of hope in the America spirit today. The majority of us who struggled over the last eight years under the reign of George “The Decider” Bush; well, we became sick of conservative mismanagement and no commitment to rebuilding our infrastructure at home rather than in Iraq.

59 more days till Bush is finally dismissed. The world will once again watch just how badly Americans crave change when Obama’s inauguration day arrives. To his supporters, this day cannot come sooner.

Meanwhile, people are still going broke when they become seriously ill. In my home state of Michigan, the auto makers plead with Congress to bail out an inefficient industry that will need to change its direction both in mission and responsibility, in order to become competitive and green. People are being forced out of their homes, can’t get jobs, and don’t know where to turn. Nearly 40 million Americans are considered “poor” according to heritage.org. Moreover, The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities claims nearly 46.6 million Americans live without health insurance (http://www.cbpp.org). Needless to say, change can’t seem to arrive quick enough for many of us.

I have to admit that despite our collective struggles, I am proud of my country. We have chosen reason and economic realities over fundamentalist notions of church and failed economic policy. We chose a person based on merit rather than disqualifying Obama because of his skin color and name, in particular his middle one. Finally, we chose someone with the intellect and ability to create an American legacy of moral decency, rather than just choosing a man who is a legacy due to his father connections.

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