Poetry Sample: In & Out of Line (available soon)

At its best, Poetry is one of humankind’s most beautiful and expressive forms of communication. Who doesn’t love the turn of a smooth sounding meaningful phrase that occurs to the rhythm of one’s overall creation? I cannot answer that one. Nonetheless, it is true, as some of my esteemed writing peers have insisted: I do not really fit in with any current poetic movements in literature. Honestly, I think of myself as a student of this burgeoning digital revolution. My form is influenced in great measure by classical schemes and discovering my own poetic voice.

More than anything, I love to share my work, which is composed to be read aloud. As a poet, my greatest sense of fulfillment comes witnessing the enjoyment of my audience. Here are two poems from my new collection, In & Out of Line. As the name suggests, it is a work of both classical scheme and free form experimentation. The following excerpt includes its extremes, a sonnet and free verse. Enjoy.


Email if you like. I’ll let you know when the book is made available 🙂 I love to do readings!

The following is an excerpt from In & Out of Line by Adam Dustus….

All in Time

Get control
Off, Heartbeat
Regain composure
Take a seat

You came back once
In a lifetime scene
Carried on
Illuminated dream

Tantrum and torture
Still moments love brings
Honest felt somber
Bitter bells ring

You want to give back
While getting back seems
More than what’s asked for
What’s wished for?
Perfect sleep, contented rest
Goals setting dreams work best
So we think
Then we find
Initially whatin-out-of-line_pic
Escaped our mind
Love around us
All in time
In and out of line

Acknowledgement’s Pass

Quartered time lines on a grandfather clock
Structure, arranged as a compass well placed
A midnight boom to unnoticed tick-tocks
Swept hands overlap and circle the face
Not leaving a trail revolving its way
Forming orbits through good times and regret
Exact angles in instances are razed
A precise spot in time is sediment
In the crumbling of hours long dreaming
One never grasps a sense of history
Not knowing fully in moments seeming
Things repeat through beauty and misery
Life cannot escape from an hourglass
Only re-feeling acknowledgement’s pass

Thanks for reading.

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