A Written Therapy: Overcoming Depression and Anxiety through Writing

What do I want out of life? It’s a simple, straightforward question; however, I can’t help thinking I’m way off in asking that. Maybe I just want too much? After all, I’ve been conditioned to think I need to obtain things like status and recognition. Perhaps I’ve gone through life seeking glory and asking a ton of meaningless questions? Or is it that stubborn streak in me that seems to crave acceptance?

While I don’t have any answers, I do know where I’ve been.

I used to suffer from severe anxiety and depression. Such feelings and panic attacks severely limited my life. I tried to shun as much social contact as possible. Never believing I would change, thinking for many years that I was doomed to feeling like a person who couldn’t handle his own emotions; something finally did happen. It took a long time, but once getting a grip on what I was experiencing, I resolved to keep trying to understand the source of these fears in my journal. Though painful at times, I dissected almost every thought and recurring memory that I had not accepted in childhood and adolescence. As a result, the more I wrote, the less frequent the panic attacks. I got much better and owe a great deal of my recovery to the discipline of writing.

While trying to figure out what was wrong with me, I developed my writing voice, which in turn inspired the many hours I spent honing my craft. More than becoming a writer, I began to look at the world outside of my negatively ingrained habits and prejudices. Writing is therapy. I feel the need to write. While I still don’t have any real answers to much of my self-questioning, I’ve come to befriend the very best part of myself. I respect my ability to reflect and have resolved to respect Life as a curious mystery 🙂

3 Responses to “A Written Therapy: Overcoming Depression and Anxiety through Writing”

  1. cindiluhoo08 Says:

    I liked your writing! It hit home for me too. I am already over my prime. depression now and then. Not all the time for me. Keep writing it does help, Cindilu

  2. cindiluhoo08 :
    Thank you for the kind response. It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only person who goes through tough times. I appreciate the vote of confidence. It means a lot. I will certainly keep writing and must admit I love blogging. Thanks again.

  3. Nancy Powers Says:


    Great stuff! Very helpful and informative! It is also very easy to understand! Love your article! Would like to see more!

    Talk Soon!

    p.s. I too wrote one here as well anxiety therapy!

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